May is definitely the month for the May Fly at Brick Farm Lakes! Here is our most recent report:

There is a beautiful show of bluebells where the brambles used to thrive, the wild orchids are blooming in the wood, the cuckoo arrived at the weekend and the lakes have all been fishing very well indeed. Well Lake in particular has seen the fish actively hunting the hatching sedges on the very top of the water and my word what FUN!  The fish have been circling on the surface, picking off the struggling insects with frantic flashes of speed and “aquabatics”! We are now opening at 6am Wednesday-Sunday so there is every reason to arise with the birds and come fishing.  When the mist is lifting off the water at daybreak, the air is still and the fishery is at its most peaceful, it is a truly magical time to fish and be at one with nature. If you haven’t fished at this time of day before, you must make an effort soon. It is, unfortunately, an all-too-short period of time in our fishing year and one to be seized upon whenever possible! (Please note the lodge opens at 7.30, so please sign-in in the shed).


We happily launched on Monday 4th May, the first meeting of the B.L.T.’s! This being the Brick farm Ladies Team (social). Our aim is simple; we intend to meet once a month and put together a team of ladies who, each month, will fish a two fish ticket (or more if desired) with a view to help and encourage and support each other. Perhaps there are some of you out there who would like to have a try for the first time, ones who have already fished but would like to improve and others who are already confident anglers but, perhaps would like to hold some FRIENDLY competitions in the future. There is no joining fee, just come along for a social get-together and let’s see what happens! Our first one was very successful with several ladies coming along and I’m sure this number will grow over the coming year. Next B.L.T’s meeting is 8th June, then 6th July starting at 10.30am. Just contact Annie at the Lodge for any more info (01323 832 615).


JUNE 20th (Saturday) … Come along and enjoy an evening of Mid-Summer fishing fun. Fish until dark to celebrate the Summer Solstice and enjoy a homemade supper of chili, rice, salad and crusty bread washed down perhaps with a beer, wine or cider from the bar. Wives, husbands and partners are welcome to join in the fun. If you would like to come just let us know ASAP to help with the catering arrangements.

JUNE 21st…. Father’s Day… Why not buy the Father in your life a Brick Farm Lakes fishing voucher? These can be a godsend for those difficult-to-buy-for chaps! They can be purchased from the Lodge or over the phone and posted on to you for convenience with the help of the wonderful card machine! No need to even leave your sofa! Call 01323 832615 today.

SEPTEMBER 26th … St. Michael’s Hospice Event… The annual Allan Keats Memorial Fly Fishing Day. Enjoy a glorious autumn day of fly fishing here at Brick Farm Lakes and support a very worthy cause. The cost is £52 for a four fish ticket with breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and cake.  A wonderful trophy will be awarded at the end of the day and there will be, as always, a very generous raffle with countless prizes. To register contact Marcia Dart on 01424 456381 or email

STOCKING… We continue to stock regularly with top class fish! Rainbow, Brown, Blue and now Golden trout to a good size are filling each of our three, very different, lakes. The stocking dates are clearly posted on our Website and Facebook page and also in the book in the signing-in shed. This Returns Book we would like to encourage our anglers to fill in on their departure.  It is a vital tool to maintain a consistent level of fish in the lakes. Many thanks.

To have a look at some of the beautiful fish caught over the last few weeks why not go to the Web/Facebook sites and see the lovely photos posted and the very happy faces of the lucky anglers.


Definitely Damsels! Certainly Sedges! Black is back! Maybe a Muddler?  Go to work on an Egg! Fast-tracked Cats! Oh-So-Slow below Buzzers!

Tight lines for flaming June.