June is definitely bursting out all over!!

What a joy it is to see all the young Moorhens, Cootes and Dab Chicks flourishing on the lakes, particularly on Well Lake.  Go away Crows and Magpies!!!

We celebrated the Almost Midsummer Night on Saturday in style with Chili con Carne and Eton Mess and fishing into the darkness. I believe everyone had a really good evening - I had forgotten how good it is to be among a group of easygoing friends. In fact we decided to invent a good reason to get together for a bite to eat in the evening on a more frequent basis so we are trying to come up with an excuse to meet again in August perhaps on the 8th or 15th - can anyone think of a good 'title'...? Woodstock was 46 years ago on 15th August but that probably only suits an old rock fan like me!!!

We are still stocking weekly with all sizes and again this Thursday, 25th June, with some extra Blues.

The haymaking was in full swing last week and I had the opportunity to walk around at sunset and take a few pictures of the lakes and orchids, which are in full bloom. Although the weekends are generally very busy there is still room for our anglers to catch a full bag, particularly in the early morning or evening. We have also added, and will continue to add, some rustic oak seats until we run out of the wood which resulted from the sad demise of one of Brick Lakes' fine oak trees (mentioned in earlier dispatches!)

We do carry out some grounds maintenance on a Saturday morning but this is only from 8am to about 12.15pm and the guys try to move about so as not to be too much of a nuisance.

We now have the new rake and so work to remove much of the weed on Well Lake will start in the next few days, thanks to our band of volunteers. Well Lake is still fishing really 'well' - no pun intended (!) but it should be even better and even easier to see the fish in its beautiful clear water when the weed is reduced. We will be able to keep on top of its removal more easily with the new rake.

And we will then remove the small amount of weed in Brick Lake thereafter, although this is thankfully only in relatively small areas and generally between the swims.

Tight lines, everyone! Tricky fishing on these bright days, but Damsels, Emerger flys, Buzzers, Nymphs, Flashback Hares Ears and the old faithfuls of Black and Green Montanas and Cats Whiskers continue to be the most successful choices. And there are still some big browns out there to tempt you all.

All best wishes, and hope to see you soon, Annie :)