We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Cuckoo any day now here at Brick Farm Lakes and we are hoping he will bring a favourable wind with him! It seems that whichever direction it has been blowing from this month, it has been blooming parky! Yes, the sun has been shining down but you have still needed to wrap up tight and the log burner has still been roaring away. The fish have, consequently been tricky little devils to pin down at times and you have needed to keep moving to find the right spot. However, when you take the time to rove the lakes to find the shoaling fish it can pay off big time, resulting with a fast, furious, fun- packed and adrenaline filled session.


We have extended our opening times with the changing season:  Commening on 29 April and for Weds to Sun inclusive (7.30am Mon and Tues) we will open the gate at  6am (signing-in in the shed please, Lodge open at 7.30am) and close at 8pm (last cast 7.45pm).  This will give you time to fit in a fishing session before or after work, sometimes these beginning or end-of-the-day hours can be the best times to fish!

The oak tree leaning at an increasingly precarious angle over Brick Lake has been felled carefully. It was found to be rotten at the base and would have left a legacy of snags for lines and flies. The timber will provide the wood to make some bench seating around the banks for your comfort. We have also added some new picnic benches near the Lodge for friends and family to enjoy the warmer weather.

We must tell you about our Summer Solstice fishing night to be held this year on Saturday 20th June (Sunday 21st being Father’s Day). We will be serving a good plateful of homemade chili with rice and salad. The bar in the Lodge will, of course, be open for those wanting a glass or two of beer, wine or cider and there will be tea and coffee available. We will be open for fishing until dark! Friends and families are welcome to come and join in with the fun. If you think you would like to come then just let us know ASAP so we can have a rough idea of numbers to cater for.

Recent stocking…

We are regularly stocking all three lakes with 2lb to 8lb rainbows, blues from 1lb 8oz up to 3lb plus and Browns from 2lb to 12lb!!! And of course there are those Golden Trout too.  Just have a look at our Facebook page or Web site for details of all the most recent good catches, stocking dates and all the latest photos. For fun we have added a Golden trout into Brick Lake this month. There is a two fish bounty on his nose for the person to catch him! More LARGE Blue trout to follow soon!

Flies of the moment…

Even with this wretched chilly wind the Sedges have begun to hatch on Well Lake this month bringing the fish to the surface.  Dry daddies have proved a good bet and CDC’s and similar have landed good fish. Brick Lake has seen the trout staying stubbornly deep and inters have been the best bet, or at least a good length leader and a weighted fly. Black and green “anything” has by far produced the most fish. The water on Stag Lake is crystal clear at the moment and flies such as damsels, tadpoles and cats whiskers have proved successful. Hope that helps but always ask us at the Lodge for the latest tip on the hot fly of the moment.

Tight lines for a lovely, warm visit in May.