August 2012 fishing report

Didn’t we do well!! I am still humming “Jerusalem” and wondering what to watch on the television. I’m also wondering why on earth fly fishing is not an Olympic sport, perhaps I should write to the committee.  Ah well, the Olympic bubble has burst for another four years and we must return to normal life here at Brick Farm.

Things have been a little quiet through August with anglers taking their holidays and the fish on a go slow as normal for this time of year. They are showing frustratingly on the surface and are visibly active in the water, but are tricky to catch. I think at the moment it is more about finding the right spot on the bank with a feeding shoal within reach than choice of fly. Trout will take a gnat to a newt when they are feeding and the returns book shows a wide range of flies that have worked this month. My tip for this time of year is to keep on the move. If you have had no luck for a while try a different spot, and repeat until you find the little devils!  Don’t forget we have no fly restrictions and you can move between lakes here at Brick Farm. If anything blue flash damsels have been a good bet and buzzers. Also, don’t forget to watch the margins. It’s very easy to cast over the fish when they are at your feet!

We are still well stocked with fish and the new aeration system is proving its worth! We will have had our summer break when you read this, the little “darlings” will be heading back to school and we will be raring to start our autumn season.

We have now relocated our returns book and signing in system down to the lodge from the top of the drive. Everything is now in one place making life “simples”. We would like to encourage all anglers to take a few minutes to complete the book as this helps us to keep well stocked and is useful to other anglers to see which flies or lakes are fishing well at any given time. THANKS!

We are happy to announce the next Complete Beginners Day will be held on Thursday 1st November. Once again will be held in association with the Environment Agency as part of their angling development program and is open to all ages (minimum 10 years). At a cost of just £10 it is a fantastic way to start you on your fly fishing adventure! Top class tuition and instruction to point you in the right direction, put you on the right path and start you get you catching ASAP. Please call fishery in good time to book a place.

We will also be staging an Late Summer fishing competition on Sunday 7th October. Entry is only £35 and includes breakfast in new lodge on arrival, 4 fish ticket and prizes for heaviest bag, largest and smallest fish. Please call or pop in to lodge for more info or to put your name down.

On Saturday September 22nd we are very happy to be hosting the St. Michael’s Hospice “Allan Keats Memorial Fly Fishing Day”. Come and support an excellent cause with a glorious autumn day fly fishing. At a cost of £52.00 for a 4-fish ticket including breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea with prizes and trophies to be won. To enter please contact Marcia Dart on 01424 456381or email to register.

That’s all folks for another month. Let’s look forward to the fabulous autumn weather. It is my favourite time of year, a time of blackberries and boobies, bonfires and buzzers, misty mornings and Montanans, Halloween and hoppers and damp days and daddies. Whoopee!!