September 2012 fishing report

As an outdoor activity fly fishing must be the perfect sport for young and old alike. With just a handful of lessons under your belt and armed with a simple starter kit costing well under £100, you are set to discover the thrill of catching your supper whilst enjoying the wonder that is The Great Outdoors. This sport can be taken up at any age and can be followed in just about any part of the World you may find yourself. It is a sport partners can share together. One in which women can excel at as there are no real physical restrictions to play a part. With no heavy equipment to carry or transport as with other types of angling, and no kaleidoscope of tackle to understand (I’ve tried and given up) you are left with a freedom to really enjoy fishing in its truest, simplest form. The primitive feeling of hunting and gathering this wonderful past-time brings is unique and special and yes, sometimes addictive!

For the youngster it brings treasured one-to-one time with a parent or grandparent at the waterside, a natural fascination for any child, for adults it provides healing respite from the working week and for the older generation a peaceful way to enjoy retirement and sociable company.

So if the children in your life are spending a worrying amount of time with screened entertainment or you are suffering the stresses and strains of the workplace or you have reached that longed for retirement chapter in your life I urge you to come to Brick Farm and have a go!

Maybe you are a fishing enthusiast of a different ilk? I suspect there’s a good few of you out there who have fished for years at sea or in gravel pits and the like who have yet to pick up a fly rod in earnest. If you would like to have a go an excellent way forward is to either come to one of our group complete beginners days run in association with the Environment Agency or to book a private lesson with a qualified coach. All tackle is provided and rod licence covered while you are under instruction. Please contact the lodge for the next available date or coach details.

Other News…..

Soon we will be starting work to dig our third lake here at Brick Farm!! As with Well Lake it will be spring fed water and will provide exciting extra space and new options for our anglers to catch their bag. It will come into its own when we hold a competition or charity day so this is excellent news indeed.

Our summer break is well behind us now and we are re-stocked with fish in rude health starting to take the fly enthusiastically in the cooling autumn weather. So far black and green Montanas are hitting the spot on the menu with Daddies and Damsels proving tasty as well. Intermediate lines are working particularly well at the moment with one gentleman angler catching two fish on one cast when a lead eyed Dog Nobbler pulled a Boobie under the surface. Well done him! We have no fly restrictions here so some inspiring combinations are possible.

With Christmas descending rapidly upon us and with the dreadful dilemma of what to buy you men-folk for a pressy, what could be better than a Brick Farm Lakes gift voucher? (Show this to your wives, mothers, daughters, etc.) You can buy these over the phone by card now for convenience and it has to beat the dreaded jumper or socks! Come on men give your women-folk a nudge in the right direction. Another wonderful gift idea for the young ones in the family is our delightful “Woffles: A Fishy Adventure” illustrated book and is based on our loveable, lodge Labrador here at Brick Farm (who incidentally has just pinched a fisherman’s cheese sandwich). This hand drawn children’s tail (!) will charm you and the little ones alike. Reviewed enthusiastically by and it really is a must for the Christmas stocking.

That’s all for now folks… I’m off to try to catch a LARGE trout seen rising under an overhanging tree where the stream flows into the bottom lake, right by our new aerator. He comes up early evening in the same spot again and again. Not sure of my tactics yet, probably something small and natural as it may be one of our old, wily brownies! Hard to cast to this spot but here goes!!