July 2012 fishing report

Brian Smart, Environment Agency angling participation officer for the South East, at Brick Farm providing valuable instruction to a new angler.

Brian Smart, Environment Agency angling participation officer for the South East, at Brick Farm providing valuable instruction to a new angler.

What a strange month it has been folks! I promised myself I was not going to mention the weather this time, but it’s going to be very difficult to avoid it I’m afraid.

It’s the best time of the year to teach yourself some new tricks and tactics, to try flies you never thought you would use in a million years, to move away from your favourite spots on the lake, to experiment with different teams of flies and perhaps try some very early or late in the day fishing.

It’s that time of the year when the warmer water coupled with stormy air makes the fish slower and trickier to catch. They can be caught, but you have to really think about how and where you are fishing and try to put yourself into a trout’s mind to catch your bag. I really enjoy this challenge and (I’m sad to say) lie awake at night planning and scheming.

At least here at Brick Farm Lakes there are the two totally different lakes to put these plans and tactics to good use and with no fly restrictions every opportunity to catch.

Yesterday I saw a gentleman fishing our top lake. He was all by himself (it was a windy day again). I stopped to enquire how he was getting on and he turned to me with a huge grin on his face and announced “this is brilliant fun!” He told me he had not fished for six years! Imagine that! He had caught two and lost one at the net and his method was to float an olive blob across the surface, watching the shadow and wake in the choppy water. I would need binoculars to do this I informed him and happily left him too it.

Another angler told me “if the usual isn’t working, try the unusual”. He always fished with a buzzer but had remembered his own advice and put on a sparkling lure and low and behold caught almost straight away.

Last night I went to use my usual olive damsel of which I am so fond, remembered the words I had heard and chose one with bright red flashing eyes. I caught two on the trot, much to my husband’s distress. I kindly lent it to him and he promptly lost it up a tree!!

Perhaps we can all learn from these tales. I listen, eagerly to them every time I fish. I hope I never become “stuck” in my fishing ways and keep catching. Remember when the going gets tough, if nothing else, fishing will de-stress, invigorate and thrill your senses. It will give you peace in your life as well as providing fun and excitement. It will clear your mind and at the same time fill it with challenges to overcome and it will give you sociable company when you seek it and solitude when you don’t.

Unusual flies working well at the moment have been Sparkling Boobies, Red Eyed Damsels, White Fritz and Blobs! (Or you can persevere with Montanas, Cats, Buzzers and Daddies.)


Recent good catches include a 3lb 12oz rainbow by B Shelgton from Polegate on a Dry Olive, a 3lb 7oz rainbow by P Farrall from St Leonards, a 3lb 6oz rainbow by R Whelk from St Leonards on a Sweeny Todd and a 3lb 4oz rainbow by P Lynn from Brighton on a Buzzer.

We are still stocking regularly with browns and rainbows and our new aeration system is installed and working 24/7 to maximise oxygen levels. We have a works party planned with the Eastbourne and District Fly Fishing Club for the middle of August to clear some of the overgrown areas around the lakes and our wonderful oak framed lodge is now open from 8.30am. If you are starting to think about Christmas we are already taking bookings for parties for December. We can offer a tailor maid menu for your festive get together for groups of up to 30. Please ring lodge for details.

We are planning a “Ladies Day” competition for September or October, details to follow and our complete beginners’ days run in association with the Environment Agency are being booked very quickly. The cost is a mere £10 for a whole morning’s tuition with qualified instructors. This is a brilliant way for beginners to get started so if you are interested ring lodge for next available dates.

Over and out for another month but just to leave you with the Old Girls tip of the moment:

“If you keep getting tugs at your fly but not hooking the fish check that the tail is not too long and trim it off or find a similar fly with a shorter one!!”