Caroline's Report for April 2019

April showers, cherry blossom, extra hour of daylight, hanging out the washing, walking in the Bluebell wood and fly fishing, spring has truly arrived! The winter months are now firmly to the rear and we can all enjoy our return to the great outdoor life we crave during the long, dark days of winter. Yes we may still have the odd late frost this time of year but nothing to spoil the pleasure of gardening, walking the dog or sitting outside with our lunch and a cuppa or, of course, fishing.

This is the most fantastic time of year to enjoy this wonderful sport and an excellent time in our angling calendar to introduce a new angler. Teaching them the skills of casting, explaining the art of watercraft and showing them the insect life starting to emerge with abundance before their very eyes is a hugely rewarding experience.

Here at Brick Farm Lakes, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we are completely set up for the novice angler to start their adventure. The envied facilities here with our comfortable oak framed Lodge, three well stocked lakes (fourth to be opened soon) and quiet location provide the perfect venue to bring a partner or friend to get them started.

We have new rods and tackle bags to hire if you need to and we sell vouchers for fishing tickets and tuition if required as a gift. We have plenty of parking close to the lakes, CLEAN toilets, free tea and coffee and can even make you an egg and bacon roll for an early breakfast or lunch (up to 12am). We have a railed, wide, wheelchair safe platform in front of the Lodge which can be pre-booked for “Blue Badge” holders in need of a secure, safe spot to fish from – fly fishing is truly “open to all”! If you are thinking of bringing a youngster up to the age of sixteen, then please remember that they must be accompanied at all times and bare in mind that we sell a £40“guardian” fishing ticket to share four fish between you or if it is an adult with you, then we have the option of a “five fish shared” ticket at the cost of £48. They will need to wear a hat and glasses and don’t forget an Environment Agency rod licence is required. We do not permit, for safety reasons, total beginners to hire tackle and go out to fish for the first time on their own without an experienced “helper”.

Don’t forget fly fishing is an inexpensive, lightweight, no mess, simple form of angling that can be used and adapted to fish for many species including carp, bass, pike and many more! It is ideal for ladies, the elderly and disabled and is a sociable, friendly and tireless way to fish, where strength and height are not an issue and your angling neighbour will happily help you along the way, coming readily to your assistance when called upon and it can provide company or solitude in equal measures and a meal for the table. Marvellous!

If ever there was a time to treat yourself (or a friend/partner) to a six fish ticket for the day then it has to be right now! The lakes are full to the brim, the water still cold and Annie has had some excellent quality fish of various sizes stocked for your enjoyment. A little tip, if I may be so bold - give yourself a full day to enjoy your time here. Too many times of late anglers have had to sadly cut their day short, having to dash off for home/work/children/dogs/meetings/shopping etc. etc. etc. Don’t feel guilty having a bit of “ME TIME”. I am including myself in this piece of advice, of course!! Where’s my purse?!!! Don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up fast in June so vouchers are always welcome, just call the Lodge and we can post them to you; simples!

Over and out now, and have a lovely Easter holiday this year of fishing trips and family fun. Annie and Caroline.