Caroline's March 2019 report

Looking out at the lake from the Lodge today it is a bit depressing, if I am honest. It is grey, dark, drizzly and downright dreary to say the very least… at least, I suppose it is mild but that does not go far to lift my mood.

Because of the copy deadline I am writing this report on February 6th, for a issue nearly a month away, which is a tad tricky at times to say the very least, again! By the time you anglers are reading this it will be a good bit nearer to spring, at least! There are times when a crystal ball wouldn’t go amiss, as exactly what the weather has in store for us in a month’s time is all but impossible to say. We could be in the grip of another “Beast from the East” or sitting outside in a T shirt with our morning cuppa, who’s to say, again!

However, even if I am not feeling a spring in my step then the birds definitely are and that’s a fact. They have been singing their hearts out this morning and there is certain busyness to their behaviour now. The 14th of February is rapidly approaching, Valentines Day for us, (oh dear) but, this date is know in the countryside as the “birds wedding day” and they are, without doubt, on time with their countryside calendar. In another spring time turn of events, our “stray” cat who had installed himself firmly next to the log burner for the entire winter is now showing signs of intense activity, leaving the warmth of the house at 10pm sharp every night when he hears the news coming on, (he is as fed up with Brexit as the rest of us) to wonder the village in search of a “new friend” no doubt. The dog is still not convinced! Say no more!


The trout are another matter again. Just what will be around for them to consider eating in a months time is by no means a given. There should be frog spawn in the margins, there could be bloodworm on the move through the layers of water and there will almost definitely be buzzers hatching, I walked through a swarm in the garden just this week! Damsel nymphs and others will be crawling around any day now with the longer hours and warmer sunshine on the water and it is definitely time to dust off your emergers! The fish that have overwintered and been lying low in the lakes throughout the cold weather will begin to feel the changing of the season now. They will notice the changing light, the rise in temperatures, feel the pull of the full moon and spring equinox and sense and see the new life around them. The spring time is, with out doubt, the best season for fly fishing! There! I have well and truly cheered myself up! Just the thought of standing on the lake edge, rod at the ready, a box full of new flies, nicely cleaned line and bacon butty in my bag fills me with excitement and anticipation for a wonderful, best ever, PB smashing season.

We have recently had a few days of being forced to close early with the lakes frozen but hopefully that is behind us now and we can get back to normal… apologies if anyone was inconvenienced. Well done to all the anglers braving the cold and indeed, for those who did, the fishing was excellent, with the majority of anglers catching their full bag. At the moment we are still running the £12 extra fish upgrade, in other words if you catch your quota too soon and wish to carry on fishing for a while you do not have to purchase another full ticket, just come into the Lodge a fill in a slip for an extra one fish ticket. 

This year, at Brick Farm Lakes, at some point, when the water is up to its optimum level, we will see the opening of our eagerly awaited forth lake, will see us continue to stock regularly top quality trout and will see us maintain a first class venue for you all to enjoy this marvellous sport!

Tight lines now for a wonderful springtime of daffodils and damsels, tulips and tadpoles, Easter eggs and emergers!

Annie and yours truly, Caroline.