Fourth lake progress (and a little bit of extra parking)

Photo 4th lake 17.11.17.jpg

As you can see the fourth lake excavation is almost complete and we will be installing a solar pump to help us try to fill the lake over the coming months but how long this will take is anyone's guess!!  This lake will make a really wonderful addition to our existing three lakes and is particularly deep (5.5 metres at its deepest points) which will be a real asset in the summer months.  This is a really exciting project and we hope it demonstrates our commitment to the future of this lovely stillwater.  To help everyone park more easily we are adding a few spaces off the main driveway just up the hill from the Fishing Lodge and also making more of the track leading to the top of the grassy hill where parking is abundant.  So come and see how we are doing!!!  All best wishes, Annie and Steven

Photo 4th lake (2) 17.11.17.jpg