Caroline's December report

‘Tis the season to be jolly?

“Just exactly what is there to be jolly about?” I hear a few of you shout. Ahh well, that’s just it in a festive nut-shell is it not? The weather for one has taken a seasonal turn for the better, certainly in regards of the fishing conditions which is something to celebrate at last! The trout are extremely active and fighting hard in all of our three lakes which have been well stocked throughout the summer and autumn months. We have a good, healthy head of fish in various colours: rainbow, brown, golden and blue, with sizes up to 15lb! They are queuing up for the flies and many an angler is being a little caught out and having to come in for a second ticket or an up-grade which we now allow on three and four fish tickets all year round. Another reason to be jolly is the fantastic value five fish shared ticket if you come with a buddy. This allows two anglers to fish together and share a catch of five fish between them, good value and companionable fun.

The fourth, new lake is taking shape nicely and starting to fill already with recent rainfall (at last) and water from a discovered spring. This is excellent news and truly a reason to be jolly as it will, in times of hot weather, provide a source of pure, clear water there to keep the Lake to a good level for the comfort of the fish. We have compiled an information board in the lodge to keep all of you up-to-date with the progress.

A jolly good reason to be extremely jolly indeed is the prospect of some wonderful fare on offer in the Lodge for groups of angling buddies at Christmas. We can offer a bespoke menu to suit all tastes and pockets. What better way could there be to celebrate this time of year… the fishing at its best… wonderful company amongst friends… and a sumptuous spread in front of a roaring log fire! It’s not too late to call Annie at the Lodge (01323 832615) to book a day out for Christmas or even the New Year.

For those of you still pondering what pressy to buy the one you love, then you need look no further! We sell vouchers for fishing tickets and coaching sessions here at Brick Farm. These can be purchased over the phone from the comfort of your armchair and posted to your door. They make an excellent gift for men, women and children alike!

We are holding our annual JOLLY Christmas competition on Thursday, 28th December. At a cost of £35 for a three fish contest, including hot soup with French bread, tea, coffee and mince pies it is a wonderful way to clear away the Christmas cobwebs and meet up with fishing friends. Always a popular one this, so call or pop in to book a space ASAP!

Now a word about the seasons in general…

I hear tell that we are in for a harsh winter this year! I Know, I know! We hear this every year and normally is mild and wet, but indeed, every year since I can remember mum always had her winter store cupboard in place, “just in case”. From about September she diligently gathered cans of soup, dried milk powder, tinned meat, bags of flour and boxes of candles. She hoarded packets of rice and pasta and the freezer was full of mince and chops. She was determined not to get caught out! This no doubt stems from the experience of being trapped in the winter of 1962/3 at Pevensey Bay with her Mother and one year old twins! Many a time I heard the tale of her and Nanna’s efforts to dry 24 terry cotton nappies a day in-front of a dwindling coal fire! Popping down for Christmas turned out to be the understatement of that particular year for sure as she did not make it back to Eastbourne till March! It is almost a shame really but we never had a harsh enough winter to benefit from her hoarding. We spent the rest of the year using it all up until August, just in time for her to begin the pointless process once again. I must say that I’m glad we didn’t ever become trapped at Hubby’s father’s house. The contents of his “winter cupboard” consisted of eighteen jars of pickled onions, a catering box of mint imperials and what can only be described as a consignment of custard creams! When one day when there had been a slight frost and I became a tad anxious, I glimpsed into the freezer I found it full to the brim of bags of fresh tripe from the local kennels for the dog! Mum’s habit of winter hoarding is one I have come to realise recently that I have carried on, albeit in a subconscious manner. It is crazy as there are more 4x4’s in our village than you can shake a stick at and we live right next to the pub, an excellent place, if any to be marooned, just like the new Christmas Waitrose ad by chance! Deep down I wonder if there is a weird sort of desire for us to actually have a harsh, snowy winter for once. Do we miss the seasons? We always used to have a wet and windy spring, followed by a long, dry summer. Autumn was always damp and gloomy or bright and crisp and this was followed by cold, snowy weather in the winter. They often run into each other now, all muddled up together with no discernible difference.  What on earth are the trout supposed to do? Ah well, I guess we will have to make the best of it as us British are so acclimatised to doing and go fishing.

Over and out now for another month and YEAR! We would like to wish a very happy Christmas and New Year to all our wonderful customers from Annie and Caroline.