Caroline's June Report

Well! Thank heavens for that! I heard the Cuckoo today! I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t hear it this year and now I can relax that summer has officially arrived! The dog has taken up her summer residence on her cushion in the sunniest corner of the patio, Hubby is cursing the rapid growth of the lawn and weeds and we have taken the always slightly apprehensive decision to clean out the log burner.

Here at Brick Farm Lakes we have excellent news to inform you! The mayflies are hatching again this year off the surface of mainly Stag Lake, as are the sedges on Well Lake. The fish are consequently choosing their food carefully! In other words being a bit picky, becoming a little fussier in their diet and turning their nose up at the normal lures that have worked so well over the winter. Brick Lake is a bit of an exception to this as fry patterns are still bringing results and damsel nymphs are always a good bet here. Now is the time of year to definitely dust of the dry flies in your box or treat yourself to some new ones and come and hone your skills in this particular, precise, unique aspect of our wonderful sport.

The early part of the day is still proving to be the best time to be out on the water. We now open the top gate at 6am. (Lodge opening still at 7.30am) from Wednesday- Sunday. You can sign in in the shed, pay in the safe and start to fish at a truly magical time. When the air is still, the mist is rising off the water, the countryside is quiet and the fish are feeding on the surface, what better time of the day could there be to enjoy your hobby and find some precious peace in a hectic life.

Date for you diary… Saturday 18th June is our annual summer solstice fishing evening, supper night and general mid-year get together. With the longest day of the year and hopefully some glorious weather why not come and enjoy some jovial company and an excellent supper of baked potatoes filled with cheese, homemade coleslaw, chili, or beans. Choose one or all!! Served with a selection of summer salads and garlic bread, all washed down with a glass of wine or beer perhaps. Let’s make the most of a late end of the day fishing session when the trout come out to play.  Families and friends are welcome to join in the fun and come and spectate from the deck area overlooking the lake. Please call the Lodge in good time to book a place for this popular event.


Time to leave you with the news that a lovely selection of large rainbows has been stocked in all three lakes for your entertainment and enjoyment! Up to double figures in fact! Also a batch of beautiful Blues and stunning Brownies as well! Come and see for yourself!

Tight lines for a fun- filled- flaming June!