April/May update from Caroline - Thanks, C!

Writing this report each moth presents me with an excellent and tempting opportunity to air many bees in my rather large bonnet! I apologise. I promise I will keep it to the bare minimum this month and keep it fishy. I will not be performing doughnuts in front of the “hallowed” Well Lake, enforcing our borders with the farm next door or holding a referendum on whether we should regain our right to grow crooked cucumbers, (a skill which has taken me years to master). NO! I will not go down that road! I will write about the issues that are most dear to us as a Country, (of anglers), most important to our future, (fishing trips) and vital to us all as we stand shoulder to shoulder, man and boy, or girl, on this sceptered (Lake bank).

Awful April was a month of wind and rain most days I’m sorry to say but through it all we have kept surprisingly busy and have regularly stocked all three lakes. Now May is here we can look forward to some warm sunshine and longer daylight hours.

Perhaps this month, when we start to come out from our winter hibernation, we could begin to think about introducing a friend or partner to this wonderful, absorbing, sociable and uplifting sport. Setting a new angler on the right path, perhaps with a lesson or two and a simple beginner’s kit could not be simpler. We can provide both tackle hire and coaching sessions here at Brick Farm Lakes, just call or email us at the Lodge for details. Let us remember, we anglers are privileged to have unique access to some of the most beautiful parts of our countryside with spectacular views and scenery.  Hidden parts and corners of this World that other “ordinary” folk never get the chance to see. Our particular view of this “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” around Brick Farm Lakes is not visible from the road. Non anglers are not only denied this, but also the benefits from a relaxing, exciting and fun hobby and past time. Not many sports can provide equal measures of solitude and company, exercise and rest. It is a sport of both skill and luck and delivers moments of frantic fun and quiet times for thoughtful contemplation. It is a sport for young and old, men or women. It brings out all our hunting and gathering instincts and calls upon our concentration and cunning and rewards us with a meal for the table. You do not need to be superbly fit or particularly agile. It can create a bond with our children and can provide respite from a stressful working week or company in a peaceful retirement. It is a hobby that can be anything and everything to all!

It is quite difficult each month to look ahead, in advance, to the conditions and flies that will be relevant in the next four weeks. In May we know the weather will be warming up and with it the water temperatures. We know that buzzers and other insects will start to emerge from the Lakes beds, indeed there have been small Gnats flying around recently in fact. We know that we will begin to see the frogspawn in the margins and damsels nymphs beginning to move through the water so the fish may start to change their diet to a more natural food, moving away from the lures of the winter. We know that the cold winds will disappear and the warm breezes will take their place. The hours of daylight will increase and that means more fishing time! The less hardy angler will be dusting off his/her tackle and preparing their kit ready for another season of… who knows what! Maybe one of our big Brownies! The ground will dry out around the banks and the blossom will appear on the cherry trees. The grass will need cutting and the outside areas tidying up ready for all our wonderful anglers to return for a new season. The months pass quickly. Let us all enjoy the early summer in all its glory. Come fishing, we will be ready for you all here at Brick Farm Lakes.

If you will allow… a gentle reminder to you all that we are a “catch and kill” water. We have no catch and release here. The returns book is to be completed in the shed at the end of every visit, this is vital for us to keep the three lakes stocked at the right level.  When you catch your bag you must stop fishing. You are of course welcome to purchase another ticket in the Lodge. Juniors fishing with an adult are welcome but no other children, or dogs are allowed around the lakes. We have excellent facilities for friends and families at the Lodge. We have no fly restrictions here. All three Lakes are stocked regularly and equally with Rainbow, Brown and Blue trout and the stocking dates are displayed on the Webb site and/or Facebook page. Sorry, no more bees in bonnets!

Tight lines for a successful May