Very special request for support and fun ......................!!!!

Hello to all our anglers:          Please read this ………………


Recently one of our regular young anglers was involved in a car accident which resulted in life changing injuries – but this did not change his enthusiasm to come fly-fishing!!


I would like to invite you to come and take part in a light-hearted fun fund-raising Mystery Pairs Competition on the evening of Sunday 30 July 2017 and to pick up a form to get yourselves sponsored for £s (or pence, but preferably £s!) per fish for this    ‘3-Fish ticket per angler’ event.


All the funds raised at this event will go directly to the fund the aim of which is to collect sufficient funds to purchase a all-terrain off-road mobility scooter for Paul. 


Let’s see just how much we can raise to kick the fund off and help to get Paul off-road just as soon as possible ?????


So come and join us for the …….


Black and Blue (all will be explained!)

Mystery Pairs Competition


Enter in the Lodge or by phoning 01323 832 615