Caroline's report for June 2017

Someone said to me the other day “you like a good chat don’t you?”  I took this comment as code for, “why don’t you shut up a minute and let me think straight”, this is hubby’s more direct approach and one, I must admit I have become used to hearing and ignoring, most of the time. My point being that by chatting and of course listening back, we all learn from each other and solve life’s little problems together. In the unique sport of fly fishing this is absolutely part and parcel of the experience of the day’s fishing as much as catching a fish, in my humble opinion. Whilst tending the Lodge here at Brick Farm Lakes I very often see anxious faces arriving with looks of apprehension, stress and worry. It may be because they have simply forgotten to bring their net, not sure if they are allowed droppers or fear they may not be in time for an egg and bacon sandwich! These problems are quickly dealt with and folk sent on their way quick sharp to fish but sometimes a little more specialist attention is need. Maybe failing eyesight will not let them fit a new leader loop, they may have not fished for years and require more of a confidence boosting chat re flies and tippets etc.  This time of the year in particular anglers and yours truly may sit over a coffee for well over an hour or sometimes longer (don’t tell Annie) to discuss the best and various methods for fishing a dry fly! More often recentlyit is that they know absolutely nothing about any form of angling, have never even held a rod in their life before but have always fancied “giving it a go”, these folk in particular are often nervous and unsure what to expect at that all important initial enquiry. This is the best part of my time in the Lodge! To chat to a complete stranger and instil enthusiasm and knowledge at the same time and to see them relax and smile and leave as more of a “new friend” than just a “customer” is wonderful! To have booked them a lesson, alleviated their worries and started them off on their fly fishing adventure is brilliant and all from taking the time to have a “good old natter” as Nan used to say, so please forgive me if I “go on a bit” in the words of an exhausted hubby.

 Now for a few items of late news…

Once again we saw some wonderful fish caught in May! The record being a beautiful Rainbow of 10lbs 5oz caught by Mr. Buster Jenner (only a youngster at 93 years!!).  We are still stocking regularly and including some of the large Rainbows and Browns while the weather remains cool. The water temperature remains colder than normal for this time of year and although this meant “curtains” for the freshly planted Begonias it is good news for the fish! They are fighting hard and are extremely active. The May Fly and sedges are hatching out in force and we have just begun to see the first blue damsels and dragon fly over the water. We are keeping the grass around the banks trimmed nice and short and weed clearing will take place to keep the swims as free and clear as possible throughout the summer.

We held our Troutmaster Competition fish-off for adults and juniors on Sunday, 30th April. It was a good turn out and a decisive victory for Calvin Wallace. The junior competition was won by David Carden (he will be in the adult’s competition next year!!)  Congratulations to them both! They will represent Brick Farm Lakes at the finals later this year.

Please note that through the summer we will be opening the gate at 7.30am and closing at 8pm. We will happily arrange to open longer into the twilight hours for those anglers keen to experience the potentially“extra special” experience of the “evening rise” of fish during in the summer months but only for pre-arranged group bookings.

Over and out now and let us hope for a month of glorious roses and Pimms in the garden along with a wonderful hatch of buzzers and midges!

Tight lines, Annie and Caroline.