Friday 14th August 2015 - And what a good month this is!

The aerators are here and installed in Brick and Stag Lakes to great effect.  It is really good to see them here and to have them available should we get an 'Indian Summer'!?!?  

We are continuing to rid Well Lake of its pesky weed with the help of a wonderful handful of volunteers, which now includes Michael Carden.  Michael has been our human weed rake!  In his dry suit he has been swimming in the Lake and pulling weed by hand.  But our thanks go out to the regular team of Lee Hart, Bob French, Tony Mepham, Mike 'The Weed' Richardson and Derek Hill and Gavin Welch.  Without all your efforts on behalf of all our anglers we would certainly be well and truly weed-logged in Well Lake!!  Big thanks to all.

We continue to stock on a weekly basis and there have been some good full bags recently.  10 year old David Carden is our keenest young angler and he was thrilled to catch a 4.5 lb Blue; Gavin Welch is enjoying catching both Blues and Golden Trout as well as the usual Rainbows and our regular anglers are also pleased that August is proving to be better than July this year.  Please see photos.

Caroline's September report will follow soon, but until then we look forward to keeping our trout in top form for your fun!  Tight lines everyone.........  Annie :)