January 2014 fishing report

I saw my first Snow Drop, the daffs are peeping through and the daylight hours are slowly returning. Spring will come soon and the mud and rain will become a memory, leaving us to look forward to some wonderful fishing in the year ahead. We have many popular events on the Brick Farm Lakes calendar for the coming months so please keep an eye on our web site.

The wonderful Well Lake has become even clearer and is providing brilliant conditions for winter fishing. At times it is even a little too brilliant and if ever there was a time for a six fish ticket  it is now, so go on treat yourself. It is full to the brim of pristine spring water and now filling our new third lake with the same!

Students from Plumpton Agricultural College learning to fly-fish at Brick Farm Lakes

Students from Plumpton Agricultural College learning to fly-fish at Brick Farm Lakes

At the moment the fish on Brick Lake have remained in the lower levels of water and flies they have taken include Damsels, Cat’s Whiskers, Montanas and also orange lures are still working well. You can still reach them with a floating line and long leader and a “quiet, slow-ish” retrieve.  On Well Lake they have been very evident on the surface. As the weather has remained mild for this time of year there have been hatches of certain flies on some sunny days with the trout rising. With a floating line and a well-aimed cast this can provide such fun! Or, you can slow things down with an intermediate line and a weighted Cat’s Whisker or Bloodworm to name but two and try for a more cunning, careful brownie or “resident “ fish down deep. Who knows what is hidden in the 30-40 feet depths!! New flies recorded in the returns book this month is see are Minkies, Shrimp flies and my newly designed Magpie, a black and white creation tied with a nomad type orange nose, which I am happy to report caught me two fish out of five strong pulls in under an hour the other day!

Stop Press… the trout on Well Lake are hungry and still feeding on the surface. One of our anglers has just spooned one and he reports it full of Buzzers! The fishing on Brick Lake is the complete opposite with one Lady angler reporting that, having taken time after casting her first cast of the day to light and smoke a cigarette was immediately rewarded with a lovely fish. So they are obviously down on the bottom. Hope that helps!!

On the 28th December we held the Ladies v Men’s Christmas competition and we had the best turnout ever. It was a beautiful day and although the fishing was not easy we were all glad to be out doors and had a really fun time.  I’m delighted to say that for the first time the Ladies team was victorious! We did have to enlist the help of a few guys to make up the numbers. Two of our team had to leave an hour early, we only had a squad of eight not nine and one of our ladies was a junior (Emma Jeffery bless her), so thank goodness for Jane Lowry who saved the day with her full bag.  I feel it was a well-deserved win. A very big thank you to all of you who took part.

P.S. we are this year going to launch a monthly drop in day specifically designed for all you Ladies out there. Whether a keen angler seeking sociable company or have never done it before, but always fancied a new sport, perhaps to keep your partner company or just to have some “ME” time, then you may be interested! More details to follow next month or keep an eye on our web site. Come on you men! Give this to your ladies to read!!

Recent rainbow catches include a 4lb by Chris Greenough from Rye on a White Fritz, a 4lb by W “Buster” Jenner from Heathfield on a Damsel, a 3lb 5oz by Ed Stripp from Seaford on a Cats Whisker, a 3lb 2oz by David Wood from Polegate on a Fritz, a 3lb 1oz by Adam Page from St Leonards-on-Sea on a Montana, a 3lb by Steve Bailey from Lydd on a Gold Head Olive Nymph and a 3lb by John Williams from Southwick on a Cats Whisker.

There’s just time, as you read this at the beginning of February to remind you of our first Teenagers Only Day to be held, weather permitting, on Saturday 15th. This is for teenagers from 13 – 19 years of age and is designed to give them some expert tuition in the art of fly fishing at the remarkable cost of £14! This price includes all tackle, tuition, the necessary licence, a hot drink and homemade cake and hopefully the excitement of catching a trout. Please call the lodge or email to book a place. Please note that in the event of bad weather this event will be re-scheduled for the Easter holidays.

Wishing you all tight lines for February… Caroline