August 2013 fishing report


To fish or not to fish? That is the question. Whether it is madness in the mind to suffer the heat and sun in unlikely good fortune or take up rods and in doing so tackle them and catch them.

Do you consider that you have had a “bad” day if you fail to catch? Have you not enjoyed yourself even if now and again (especially in the Summer months) your fishing trip turns out to be non- productive? These questions when I put them to fishless anglers, are 99.9 % of the time answered with a positive “Oh no, I’ve had a wonderful time”. They tell me they have… given themselves a well overdue casting lesson, gone through their tackle bags and had a good clear out and a tidy up, tried all manner of fly combinations they would not normally consider (there are no fly restriction here at Brick Farm Lakes) and using different lines and leaders throughout the day really drawn on all the tips and knowledge that they have acquired over the years, truly testing their angling skills. Yes they have been disappointed not to catch a fish sometimes, but on the other hand that is all part and parcel of any type of angling. In a funny way the occasional blank day is what helps keep this wonderful sport fresh and keeps us coming back for more. When you can see the fish rising around you in the early morning or late into the evening twilight or feel the occasional soft tug on a fly down deep in the middle of the day it can be infuriatingly frustrating, but exhilarating and absorbing as well! The anglers go on to tell me about all the wonderful wildlife they have been privileged to witness (we have at least eight different types of dragonfly here), they have been persuaded  to try a change of platforms or even lakes to those that they “always” fish at and in doing so found fresh new potential for a future visit.

One of our lakes (Brick Lake) is fed by a small stream and the other (Well Lake) is spring-fed and so each can fish very differently at times. They go on to tell me they have had a neighbourly chat with their fellow anglers, putting the world to rights and have had a doze in the shade or visit to the lodge to treat themselves to a cool drink and a tasty ploughman’s lunch.

The decision to come fishing in July or August is a choice we must all make, I think, with the attitude that the whole package of a day fly fishing is one of many parts, catching and landing a fish being just one of them and all these parts of the day must be enjoyed. This is an all-too-short period in our fishing calendar and any time now Autumn will be upon us with truly wonderful weather. A time of the year with cool, fogy mornings and early evenings, light drizzly rains and chilly breezes, but also warm enjoyable sunshine and a fresh batch of seasonal insects to get our angling juices flowing again.  The water in both Brick Lake and Well Lake has remained well oxygenated and so, thankfully we have had very few fatalities in the hot weather of July and August. We have continued to stock with top quality fish and increased our efforts in weed clearance and are ready after our summer break to begin a season of fly fishing at in all its glory!

…A final reminder for our St. Michael’s Hospice Charity Fly Fishing day to be held this year on Saturday 21st September. It is not too late to book your space for this excellent event in our calendar. A wonderful opportunity to combine your beloved sport with supporting this very worthy cause .The day includes a 4-fish ticket, breakfast and coffee on arrival, home cooked lunch with pudding and afternoon tea and cake. There is always a very generous raffle and prize giving at the end of this wonderful day. The cost is £52, so to book your place contact Marcia Dart on 01424 456381 or

We are pleased to announce the date of our Late Summer Competition as Thursday 3rd October. The event is of course first and foremost a fun way to get together with fellow anglers. The cost is £35 for a four fish ticket and includes a coffee and sausage baguette for breakfast on arrival at 8.30. There will be prizes for the heaviest bag and the largest and smallest fish caught. (You are welcome to fish on into the afternoon if you have not caught your entire bag by lunchtime). Please contact the lodge to book a place, the more the merrier!

Fishing through August has been a bit patchy with the hot weather, with mixed fortunes for our anglers. Some who fished at the start or end of the day have had success with floating lines and wet and dry flies such as Daddies, Dabblers and all manner of small midges and gnats. Those who have had success in the middle of the day have been mainly on sinking lines with Damsels and Montanas, and not forgetting the much loved Buzzers and Bloodworms all fished generally with a slow, patient retrieve.

Just to add… if you are a novice who would like the benefit of some extra tuition we are happy to organise a session here at Brick Farm with one of our team. Or maybe fly fishing is a sport you have never tried but always been tempted to have a go at. We have all you need here at Brick Farm Lakes to help you take those first steps towards a truly fascinating, absorbing and relaxing hobby, one of the few that is suitable to both men and women of all ages. Please just phone the lodge for details.

Wishing you all tight lines for the coming month.